Fortis provides a full spectrum of family office services designed to help ultra-high net worth clients simplify, prioritize and make the most informed financial decisions—in everything from sophisticated intergenerational family wealth planning to more administrative day-to-day tasks.

We work closely with our client families and their team of advisors to strategize and implement. Our team understands how the pieces work together—and we proactively seek out better ways to help our clients realize their long-term financial and personal goals. Our ultimate measure of success is seeing our clients live the life they imagine and create the legacy they envision.

The Foundation of Our Approach


We provide ongoing, strategic analysis to facilitate proactive, informed decision-making.


Clear, concise communication is the core of our business. We bring clarity to complex situations, and always keep our clients informed.


Once decisions are made, we manage and coordinate the process and keep all relevant parties up to date.


Like a good quarterback, we have eyes on the entire field—ensuring complete, cohesive and seamless strategies remain relevant for a family’s evolving goals.

What to expect when you work with us:

High-touch client service
A holistic and proactive approach
Fee-only billing, based on complexity and services provided
A continuum of support—strategic guidance, implementation and administration
Ongoing education to ensure future generations are prepared and legacies are honored

Our Areas of Service

Fortis offers customized services to meet the needs of each client family—providing management, planning, support and administration across the financial spectrum.

Because cash is paramount to virtually all matters, it receives our constant focus. Client liquidity is monitored and managed in accordance with family goals. Fortis analyzes short and long-term needs, coordinates cash movement, including bill payment, and maintains detailed cash records. Clients determine the level of detail with which they are involved and the interval in which reports are provided.

While there is no one size fits all solution to planning or ensuring the stewardship of wealth and family ideals across generations, the one key component is communication. Fortis works with each client family to determine what method will best facilitate positive, long-term, results.

Fortis stands with our clients throughout the entire investment lifecycle. We start with account opening and subscriptions documents, continue with overseeing transfers, capital calls & distributions, and then calculate independent performance and record relevant investment details. By tracking performance, timing, cash flow and tax impact we are able to inform clients where they stand and which areas require focus from investment managers and family members.

We know that a charitable strategy that integrates with financial goals and tax planning can be very powerful. That’s why our objective is to maximize the impact philanthropy has on both our clients and the organizations they support. With a 360-degree view of our clients’ financial picture and a solid understanding of available charitable options, we can help produce win-win results.

Fortis provides standalone and consolidated financial reports tailored to each client family’s needs. We ensure client priorities are presented clearly, in an easy to follow format, allowing for productive discussions. We understand that clients view things differently and our job is to make sure we provide information in a useful format. Maintaining accurate books and records is the backbone of producing these reports and it permits clear communication and dynamic planning.

Fortis will work in conjunction with a client’s existing insurance advisors or foster introductions to our trusted resources. We review policies regularly to ensure they are both adequate for the risk profile and competitively priced. Our team communicates with agents when changes are coming and remains by our client’s side when claims are in process.

Income tax is often the largest annual expense for our clients. With our decades of tax experience, we introduce strategies that integrate with a client’s investment structure, cash flow needs and future planning. Fortis also coordinates all aspects of the tax return process, from preparing projections to gathering the required information for completing and filing returns.

Estate planning is a process that evolves over time and should be revisited as families and situations change. Fortis works alongside our client families to identify opportunities and flexible strategies that match their long-term goals. We will initiate planning conversations—in conjunction with our clients’ legal advisors—and layout pros and cons of each option. When a client chooses the best path for their family, we diligently manage implementation from beginning to end and reflect changes in the financial reports.